Eric's 4th Month

I'm getting much better on my stomach!



Concentrating on exercising in my new toy....Hey, what are you looking at? 


Check it out, another new toy! This one doesn't require any work though :) 


Relaxing with daddy before bed 


Maybe I'll hang out with Thunder again... 
Here's me at 3 1/2 months, and there I was at 2 months...


I think I'll show Thunder how much I love him by giving him a big kiss!


Hanging with daddy again.    Yum...I want his hand in my mouth.


Look at me, I have dad's best friend with me...sorry Thunder :(


They aren't letting me eat solids yet, but they're making me sit in this? This isn't much fun! comes with a toy!



Bonding with Grandma Snow


Aunty Becky with Cousin Waseem


So Big!


I'm a Stud!


Now it's time to bond with Grandma Szejna!


Uncle Jeff's turn!


Playing with Cousin Nathan


What Christmas is all about...presents!


Or maybe it's the wrapping paper :)